Crystal FAQ

What are Crystals?

Crystals are solid matter that are formed under the Earth’s surface. They develop unique vibrations (energy) through mineral formation that happens over thousands and even millions of years. Crystals are like snowflakes, no two are identical. 

How do I clear my crystals?

It is a matter of choice. For many, intention is the best way to clear. Traditionally , however, you can wash your crystals under warm water. You must be wary , some crystals, such as Selenite are composed of salt. It will disintegrate under water, so be sure to check on the components of the crystal beforehand. 

**Selenite is self cleansing so there is no need for it to be physically cleansed.**


Ways to charge and clear your crystals



Full moons or New moons work wonders! Just put them on a windowsill and take in the energy.



The same effect as moonlight! Just be wary that some crystals are reflective and can become a fire hazard. 


Smudging and incense 

A traditional way of clearing your crystals. Using the air to cleanse and charge. 


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